KOZA LAW GROUP is concerned about privacy and wants you to be familiar with how we collect, use and disclose information.  This Privacy Policy describes our policies and practices in connection with information that we collect through our website located atwww.kozalaw.com, our Facebook page located at www.facebook.com/KoZaLawGroup  (our “Facebook Page”), our Twitter page located attwitter.com/KoZaLawGroup (our “Twitter Page”),  as well as email messages that we send to you that link to or mention this Privacy Policy (collectively, including the Website, our Facebook Page, our Twitter Page, and email, the “Services”).

Our Privacy Policy applies only to our online information-gathering and dissemination practices in connection with the Services, and does not apply to any of our offline practices.

Use of any of the Services shall constitute that you agree with all the terms of this Privacy Policy, so please do not use the Services if you do not accept or disagree with any part of our Privacy Policy.


“Personal Information” shall include your name(s), postal addresses, phone number(s), and email addresses.   We and our service providers may collect Personal Information through the Services, and their particular functions, and/or from other sources, including, but not limited to marketing lists, public records and databases, and social media services.

We can use your Personal Information for the following reasons:

a)  To respond to your inquiries, email, and communications.

b)  To market our legal services, including sending you a newsletter, brochure, or email.

c)  For general administrative purposes

d)  For uses we believe to be necessary or appropriate, in order to (i) comply with law or legal process; (ii) to respond to requests made my public and governmental authorities; (iii)  to enforce or protect our rights; (iv)  to allow us to defend ourselves in a legal action, or to pursue available remedies.

We can disclose your Personal Information to the following entities, for the following purposes:

a)  To our third-party service providers, including, but not limited to our website hosting company, Services-related consultants, auditors, and other similar services.

b)  In order to identify you to anyone to whom you have sent messages through the Services.

c)  In the event you disclose any Personal Information (or any other information) on our Facebook Page or our Twitter Page, such information can be disclosed to the entire general public.  Please be very careful when disclosing information on the Services.

d)  In the event of a merger,  sale, reorganization, or in the event that our limited liability structure is in any way modified,  we may disclose your Personal Information to any third party (affiliated or unaffiliated) arising from the merger, sale, reorganization, or modification.

e)  To any entity, for reasons we believe to be necessary or appropriate,  in order to (i) comply with law or legal process; (ii) to respond to requests made my public and governmental authorities; (iii)  to enforce or protect our rights; (iv)  to allow us to defend ourselves in a legal action, or to pursue available remedies.

We cannot guarantee that your Personal Information can always be safe and secure.  Although we make our best efforts to use reasonable measures to protect Personal Information, no data transmission or storage system is fail proof.


We offer a free hour of initial consultation to discuss an estate planning matter.  For all other legal matters (and for any time beyond the first hour of estate planning consultation), we charge an hourly rate of between $215 and $345 for legal consultation.  Consultation time includes any preliminary phone consultation time, as well.


“Non-Identifiable Information” shall include any other information that does not reveal or strongly suggest your identity.  This includes, but is not limited to your browser and device information, information collected through pixel tags and cookies, demographic information, and aggregated information.

KOZALAW.COM and its service providers may collect Non-Identifiable Information through your actions online via your IP address,  browser application, via cookies and pixel tags, and by aggregating information.

We may collect and disclose Non-Identifiable Information in any manner, for any purpose, and to whomever we choose.


If you have any questions or complaints regarding the meaning or application of the terms and conditions, privacy policy, disclaimers, or the Agreement, please direct such questions to contactus@kozalaw.com.  Email communications are not necessarily secure, so please do not include sensitive information in any email to us.