Estate Planning and Business Law
(Managing Attorney)

Bobby Kouretchian is the managing attorney at Koza Law Group.  Mr. Kouretchian directs the firm’s business law and estate planning practice groups.

Since founding the firm in 2013, Mr. Kouretchian set out to create an accessible and service-oriented law firm experience, focused on two practice areas– estate planning and business law. 

Mr. Kouretchian has worked for some of the world’s largest firms, as well as a few small ones. He has worked in-house for various companies, and even served as an adjunct law professor.

Through Mr. Kouretchian’s management, Koza Law Group has provided its clients with the dedicated support and professionalism of a large firm,  while in a more personalized and client-oriented smaller firm setting.

I’ve wanted to be an attorney ever since I was a very young boy growing up in the San Fernando Valley.

According to my mother, the first written agreement I entered into was with my older brother, back when I was six and he was eleven years old. My brother took it upon himself to draft the “contract”. It essentially dictated when my brother would get to kick me out of our shared bedroom so that he could do his homework. In exchange for me leaving the room so he could do his homework, I would get to play with his cool collection of diecast toy cars.

To this day, my brother insists that I breached the agreement, but I remain convinced that the terms of the agreement were patently unenforceable.  After all, we were both minors and lacked sufficient legal capacity to enter into contracts.

In all seriousness though, I’m proud of my big brother.  And yes, he eventually finished his homework– growing up to become a great attorney in his own right. Perhaps he has even improved at drafting legal agreements.

–Bobby Kouretchian (July 17, 2023)

Associate Estate Planning Attorney

Makyla Vigil is an associate estate planning attorney at Koza Law Group.

After practicing in various different areas of law, Ms. Vigil dedicated her practice exclusively to estate planning in 2022.

“It’s a privilege to serve my clients as an estate planning attorney. What could be better? (Other than dogs, of course.)”

–Makyla Vigil (August 15, 2022)

KLG does not rely on any unlicensed support staff. No paralegals and no law clerks.

This means that our attorneys are willing to take the necessary time to handle all client communications directly. Even the intake process is handled exclusively by our staff of licensed attorneys– not support staff. Simply put, we want to get to know our clients, so we remove the “middle man.”

Attorneys only? No paralegals? Why does this matter?

We believe the attorney is in the best position to interview the client and learn about the client’s legal matter. To be clear, we believe clients shouldn’t be asked to share personal information with support staff. Clients should be confident in knowing that their private information is protected and not shared with unlicensed law firm staff. Although this costs us more and might make our attorney’s lives a little more difficult, it serves our clients better. And that’s what matters most.