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Koza Law Group's flyer for the 2015 Planning to Give Charity Drive

Koza Law Group is Planning to Give!

San Diego, California— We have all heard the familiar adage– “Pay it forward.” Perhaps that sentiment is even more important during the holiday season. With the rise of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we should be reminded of another familiar saying– “You can’t take it with you.”

It is with this spirit in mind that one law firm has decided to make a difference this holiday season. KOZA LAW GROUP, located in Southern California, is taking part in the nationwide Giving Tuesday initiative by allowing its new clients in the month of December to apportion 33% of their legal fees to charity.  All new estate planning clients during the period of December 1 through December 31, 2015 can pledge 33% of their legal fees to one of four charities (listed below).

It’s called “Planning to Give”

“Nearly everyone should have some kind of estate plan,” says Bobby Kouretchian, Koza Law Group’s managing attorney. “By providing a little extra incentive to take that important first step, we hope we aren’t just helping families get their affairs in order, but also helping some very worthy causes.“

Over 50% of Americans do not have any kind of estate plan. From a legal standpoint, millions of Americans are leaving themselves, their families, and their assets open to an unnecessary level of risk and cost.  Without a plan, a person who dies can subject their family to avoidable stress and family conflict, probate court, rigid state intestacy laws, as well as an assortment of other delays, costs, and potential taxes. And when young children are left behind, the risks are even greater.

Kouretchian wants to dispel some of the stigma around estate planning by turning it into a positive and life-affirming activity. “We started the Planning to Give initiative to encourage people to plan.  Unfortunately, estate planning is all-too-often put off for some future date which may never come in time. And yet in my experience, most clients express a feeling of empowerment during the planning phase and a feeling of achievement when they are done.” Kouretchian attributes this to his belief that, “it feels good to do something you know you should be doing.”

Koza Law Group is hoping this will catch on with other law firms too. “We hope our Planning to Give event causes other law firms to follow our lead and offer their own communities similar opportunities to incentivize positive legal planning. We believe it could be a “win/win” for everyone involved.”

Koza Law Group has chosen to support the following charitable groups:

Established in 1978, Casa De Amparo (Home of Protection) is recognized as a leader in treating and preventing child abuse and neglect in San Diego County and beyond, with locations in Oceanside and San Marcos.

Founded in 1994, Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) awards grants to researchers working to better understand, identify, treat, and ultimately cure ovarian cancer.

The San Diego Humane Society (SDHS) is a private, nonprofit organization that is not affiliated with any other humane society or SPCA. Serving San Diego County since 1880, SDHS operates campuses in San Diego, Escondido, and Oceanside.

The Wounded Warrior Project is dedicated to honoring and empowering Wounded Warriors.


Koza Law Group is a business law and estate planning law firm located in Carlsbad, California. For further information about them, please call (760) 487-8330 or visit

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